How Do I Apply For Medicare?

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Having adequate healthcare is a must, and having the means to pay for that care is also important. The arguments over health insurance are not new, although politicians have a way of making it seem like the debater over healthcare is recent. Medicare is a form of health insurance, provided for by the federal government. People over 65, people under with 65 who are disabled and patients suffering from the end stages of kidney failure can qualify for Medicare benefits. Medicare comes in different parts; A, B, C, and D. Part A covers a hospital stay, home health care, and nursing homes; Part B provides coverage for doctor visits; and Part D is for your prescriptions. Knowing how these parts interact, how to get them, and what specifically is covered will help ensure you get the care you need,

Enrolling in Medicare can be complicated and in some instances if you do not do it right you may have to pay a fine, or experience a gap in coverage. Here is what you need to know about applying for Medicare:

  • Learn what the different parts cover, and what type of coverage you need for those services.
  • Make sure you enroll at the right time, which is dictated by your age or the existence of a disability.
  • Enroll for what you need, which for most people includes at least Part A even if they still have other coverage. If you worked during your lifetime, you have paid into Medicare. Failing to enroll is like giving up benefits already paid for, and Part A carries no premiums if you’ve paid in to the system while working.

The benefits offered by Part B can come at a cost higher than what you would pay with private insurance, so this may not be the best fit for your budget. It is critical to find out how much you will pay for Medicare coverage versus what you are paying if you have another source of coverage, so you can pick the policy that meets your needs without breaking your bank. You also need to know your deductibles and how paying those deductibles can impact your overall financial picture. Medicare terms do change, so before you enroll make sure you are aware of any changes set to take place.

If you have questions about how to apply for Medicare and what Medicare covers, call an experienced attorney for help. Contact us online today for more information. We can also be reached at 855-727-6353.