Can I Change My Meds After I Am Awarded Disability Benefits?

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Being awarded Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) is a time consuming process and requires you to submit a lot of documents and evidence regarding your condition. Many people think once benefits are awarded the hard part is over, but it is critical to have an understanding of what happens after the award is made. The most important piece of this puzzle to most people is the date on which their benefits will begin. Generally speaking payments start 60 days after your award is approved. But what happens after that? Are there things you have to keep doing to ensure your benefits remain intact? And, if so, what are those things?

Keeping your information up to date will help make sure your payments get to you timely. But there are other things aside from the administrative functions that you have to do to keep your benefits in place. One thing is to go to any follow up doctor visit and stay on top of any therapy and medication. If your doctor changes your medication, keep notes of:

  • The need for the change.
  • What the new medication treats, and how that relates to your disability.
  • Whether the change was made out of medical necessity, cost, or for some other reason.

Disability payments can stop, if you are no longer disabled. A change in medication does not necessarily mean your disability has gone away, but it is important to document any change that has to do with your condition. How to maintain a steady stream of benefit payments is one of the most frequently asked questions after an award is made. Aside from no longer being disabled, medically speaking, one of the top ways to lose benefits is to go back to work. The two concepts are closely linked because if you are able to work the Social Security Administration will no longer believe you are disabled. Rather than take a chance and put your benefits at risk, call us to find out what you need to do after you receive an award notice.

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