How Walking Aids Can Help You With A Disability Claim

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When applying for disability you have to prove you are disabled. To do this you will need to see your doctor and gather the medical records that document your disability. The more evidence you have to show you are so disabled you cannot work, the more likely you are to be successful on a claim. This means you should present as much evidence as possible, which may include things that are not included in the doctor’s report. There are physical signs of disability you can use, like using a wheelchair, a walker, knee braces, back braces and other assistive devices.

The determination as to whether you are disabled depends in part on whether you can engage in any substantial gainful activity. What this means is:

  • Are you able to substantially participate in any work activity that will provide you with an income?
  • If so, how much are you earning and how frequently are you engaging in the work activity? If you earn a certain amount it can be presumed that you are working quite a bit and thus not disabled. If you earn a little, but work a lot of hours the same rationale will apply – that you are able to work for a significant amount of time. If so, you will likely not be successful on a disability claim.

Using a cane or walking aid provides strong support that you are unable to walk. This can go a long way in proving you are disabled. This is because use of an aid is something that not only your doctor, but an doctor the SSA asks you to see, can use as evidence that you are disabled. Having evidence that is visible to third parties is helpful because it shows you are not inflating your claims. Prescribed medications and proof of surgeries also fall into this category. And, again, the more evidence you have at your fingertips to support your claim that you are disabled, the higher your chances of success. We have experience with disability claims, and know what types of evidence will help your case. Call us today to find out what we can do for you.

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