How Can I Get Social Security Disability Benefits If I Cannot Afford To Go To A Doctor For Regular Checkups?

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The key to getting Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) is that you actually have a disability that prevents you from working. In order to have a determination made that you are disabled, you will have to see a doctor. This becomes problematic if you do not have enough money or adequate healthcare benefits to see a doctor. So, does this mean you are out of luck if you are unable to visit the doctor regularly, or are there other things you can do to ensure you get SSDI? Fortunately, there are alternatives and if you are disabled you will want to explore which alternative works best for you if you cannot afford to visit your doctor regularly.

Some options to consider when seeking a medical determination that you are disabled and unable to work include:

  • Check with your home state for programs providing medical services to low income families.
  • Apply for Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Take a look at what is offered through the health insurance marketplace (commonly referred to as The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare).
  • Consider seeing a physician at a state hospital or healthcare center.

All of these options will get you the care you need to establish a disability. It is also a good idea to look at low cost clinics where you can arrange payment for regular checkups, or visit the Veteran’s Hospital or a tribal facility if you meet those requirements. You can also check with your pharmacy for discount coupons to use on prescriptions and some pharmaceutical companies offer assistance if you are not able to afford medication. The Social Security Administration will not foot the bill for the medical needs associated with your disability claim, unless you are required to undergo certain exams as part of your disability application. If that is the case, you will be asked to attend a consultative exam so a more complete record can be made of your medical condition. Keep in mind that once you are approved for disability benefits, based upon competent medical evidence, you will need to continue seeing a doctor to document that the disability is ongoing. This will require follow up doctor appointments, which also come at a cost. It is advisable to speak to your doctor about the need to follow up when you begin visits, so the checkups can be scheduled and budgeted for as needed.

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