Should I File For Unemployment And Social Security Disability?

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Becoming disabled and unable to work creates a financial hardship. To add to the issue you may have the option to seek worker’s compensation benefits for your disability, file for unemployment, or seek social security disability payments. All of these are good options but you want to pick the one that pays what you need to survive. In some instances you can combine these benefits, and doing so can have both pros and cons. Before you file for unemployment or decide that you are not eligible for SSDI while getting worker’s compensation benefits, let us take a look at your case. We will examine the unique facts of your case and help you apply for payments that cover your costs.

Filing for unemployment while you have a pending application for SSDI is tricky. To avoid making a misstep, here is what you need to know:

  • It is not against the law to file for unemployment if you are also receiving or have applied to receive social security disability income (SSDI).
  • The amount of SSDI ultimately awarded to you can be impacted by unemployment payments.
  • You may be denied SSDI if you are receiving unemployment benefits.

The third item on the above list is the most concerning. Unemployment benefits are not tied to having a disability that prevents you from working. In fact, unemployment benefits are intended to pay workers who are out of work but are looking for a job. If you are looking for a job there is an assumption that you are able to work, and being able to work can disqualify you for disability payments. Disability payments are intended to provide compensation to people who are not able to work, so seeking unemployment on top of disability puts you in an unpredictable position. Rather than turn to unemployment to supplement SSDI payments you should look at other options. There is the chance you will qualify for a Supplement Security Income (SSI) payment in addition to your SSDI payment, which will increase your total income. Let us help you make decisions that make sense, and that do not cause you more harm than good. We have experience maximizing benefits, having helped many of our clients navigate the social security system successfully. We are ready to help you too.

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