Can I Receive Disability Benefits For More Than One Condition?

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Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) is available for people who are disabled and not able to work. The key to getting payments is to have a disability that prevents you from doing any substantial work The standard can be hard to meet and the process can be frustrating. Enlisting the help of a qualified attorney is helpful because an attorney knows what evidence is needed and know how to pursue all the benefits you are entitled to receive. In some cases you may suffer from such a debilitating disability that the Social Security Administration (SSA) automatically approves your claim, but more often than not you will have to go through the entire procedure before benefits are granted.

If you have become disabled, chances are your disability is not limited to one condition. Most people suffer from multiple conditions and this can actually help your case. This is necessary because once you apply for benefits the SSA will engage in a multi-step process to determine whether you qualify. This includes considering:

  • Whether you are able to work.
  • The severity of your impairment.
  • Whether the disability meets the criteria according to SSA guidelines.
  • If you are able to any type of work, even with the disability, including a job that is not the same as the one you last performed.

After the above steps are taken a determination as to your benefit status is made. Because the SSA looks at the type of disability you claim and whether that disability prevents you from working, it is critical to list every condition you suffer. Combining conditions can increase your chances at a successful claim because multiple disabilities make it more difficult to perform substantial work duties. This approach depends on your case and on the medical records. Remember, you will have to prove each condition you list, so it is advisable to only list conditions that are supported by the evidence. We have experience making claims for our clients and know how the SSA evaluates applications. Let us put your best foot forward for you, call today for help.

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