Will Getting Financial Help Affect My Eligibility For Disability?

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Suffering a career ending injury makes it hard to earn a wage. Disabled persons, either from a work accident or other incident still have bills to pay. Getting help often times comes in the form of calling on friends, family, or charities. But you do have other options and one is to seek social security disability benefits. To do so you must apply, and the process can be confusing. Most people have a lot of questions they need answered before seeking disability benefits. The best approach is to partner with a qualified attorney who can not only answer your questions, but also seek the maximum amount of benefits to which you are entitled.

Here is what you need to know if you are worried that taking financial help will affect your eligibility for disability:

  • Taking financial help from other people is completely permissible and will not affect your eligibility for disability. In fact, most people have to resort to help from loved ones during the application process because it can take a while to be approved and begin receiving benefit payments.
  • You can also seek help through a food pantry or local charity to cover your grocery needs and can also look to other government agencies for help with food assistance.
  • You may accept gifts of clothing and other household items. Many families receive these items through a church or other organization that “sponsors” them and this can be a one-time gift or ongoing.

The only thing that will throw a wrench in your application for disability is if you are still working. Social Security Disability (SSDI) is meant to be paid to people who are off work due to a disability. This can be an actual injury or a debilitating illness that prevents you from going to work. If you do work, you stand a very good chance of being denied these benefits because the Administration will consider that you are able bodied and not eligible for disability payments. Asking the right questions before you file is key to having a successful claim. Let us help. Our practice is devoted to untangling the myriad of issues that come up during applying for benefits, as well as appealing any denial of payment.

If you have questions about social security disability benefits, call an experienced attorney for help. Contact us online today for more information. We can also be reached at 855-727-6353.