How Do You Apply For Social Security Survivors’ Benefits?

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Certain family members are eligible to seek social security survivor’s benefits upon the death of a loved one, and knowing your rights is the first step to making a claim. The benefits available vary and with the help of a trained attorney you can maximize what you are entitled to by making the proper requests. There is a procedure to follow and the first thing to do is to notify the Social Security Administration of the death. Unfortunately you cannot report a death online so you will have to ask for help in reporting the death. The funeral home will report the death for you but you do have to provide the social security number of the deceased in order for the report to be made. And while the funeral home is a good option for reporting the death, there will be certain legal issues that arise which require the assistance of a legal professional. We can report the death for you, and apply for the benefits you are entitled to receive. It is not possible to apply for survivor’s benefits online, so having an attorney report the death and apply for benefits takes care of two tasks at the same time.

To apply for social security survivor’s benefits, you will need to do the following, depending on your current benefits status:

  • For persons currently getting benefits through their spouse or parent, no new application is needed. The Administration should switch over your benefits to survivor’s benefits once the death is reported. However, this does not always happen and further action is needed. To be sure you do not miss out on survivor’s benefits, let our office handle the matter for you.
  • If you are currently receiving benefits under your own name you will need to file an application for survivor’s benefits. This is beneficial because if your deceased spouse was receiving a higher benefit amount, you may be entitled to that payment rather than your payment.
  • For those that are not receiving benefits through their spouse or parent, or on their own, an application has to be made. The sooner you file the application the faster you will receive survivor’s benefits.

Certain documents are required to apply, depending on your specific situation. Our office has experience apply for benefits under all the possible scenarios and knows what you need to provide for a complete application. You have enough on your plate when a loved one dies; let us handle the complicated task of applying for your benefits.

If you have questions about social security survivor’s benefits, call an experienced attorney for help. Contact us online today for more information. We can also be reached at 855-727-6353.