Can I Receive Both SSI and SSDI At The Same Time?

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Understanding how and when you are eligible for payments from the Social Security Administration can be confusing. There are a lot of abbreviations to denote different payment types and sometimes the types of payments can overlap. For instance, there are social security benefits that are paid to people who have worked and paid into the system over time and there are also benefits that are paid to people who have become disabled while working but the payments have no relationship to your work history. There are also payment programs to help cover the cost of medical care (such as Medicare and Medicaid) and in some states funds are available to provide for grocery and nutritional needs. If you need any of these benefits you will have to apply, and that process can be tricky. But, having a qualified social security attorney by your side will increase your chances of receiving maximum benefits, even if some of the benefits overlap.

A common example of how two different types of social security benefits can be paid at the same time is receipt of SSI and SSDI benefits at the same time. The general rules in these instances are:

  • To receive both SSI and SSDI at the same time you first have to be approved for SSDI.
  • Your SSDI payments have to be low and this can be the result of little to no work history in the past ten years, little to no work history when you became disabled, you became disabled at an early age, or your wages have always been low.

SSDI income is income paid to you as a result of having suffered a disability that prevents you from working, while SSI payments are based on a financial need. Combining the two payments gives you more income each month to meet your needs, but this can be hard to accomplish. Income and asset limits are in place, making it difficult to determine how much you are eligible to receive. Let us look over the facts of your case and give you the answers you need about how these benefits are different and what you can apply for today. We take your total needs into consideration and help you get not only what you deserve, but what is required to make ends meet.

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