How Much Is A Social Security Death Benefit?

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There are many types of social security payments. The most commonly known payment is the retirement benefit that is paid out when a worker reaches retirement age and can be taken early or at full retirement. There are also Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) payments that provide income for workers who have been disabled and are unable to return to work, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which is a needs based benefit. There are survivor’s benefits for spouses and children, paid out upon the death of a spouse or parent and there are also death benefits.

The death benefit is a one-time payment, in the amount of $255.00. This amount is minimal, leaving family left behind to look for other sources of income. One source is the monthly benefits of the deceased, and it works like this:

  • A surviving spouse aged 60 or older can get the benefits of their deceased spouse under certain circumstances. If your spouse was receiving disability, the age for the surviving spouse drops to 50.
  • You may be eligible for your deceased spouse’s monthly social security payments, even if you were divorced at the time of death. Certain conditions apply, but this benefit is worth looking into for a determination as to whether you qualify.
  • If you are providing support and care for the deceased’s child, aged 16 or younger or who is disabled, you are entitled to benefits regardless of your age.
  • Children of a deceased parent are eligible for benefit payments, as long as they are not married and are under 18.

Death benefits provide much needed income to family members left behind, and exploring each type of death benefit you are entitled to receive will increase your ultimate benefit amount. You will need to provide proof of birth, citizenship, employment and wage records, and a death certificate in order to apply for death benefits. You must also make an application within two years of the date of death. Losing a loved one is never easy and applying for benefits during the grieving period can created unwanted stress. Let us take the burden off your shoulders and help you get the death benefits you are entitled to receive. We are experienced at making application for social security benefits under all circumstances, and are here to help you secure your finances in the face of loss.

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