If My Doctor Says That I Am Disabled, Does That Qualify Me?

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Being hurt on the job or suffering an injury outside of work that leaves you disabled and unable to work is devastating. Without an income you are not able to provide for your family and cover monthly expenses. Fortunately, disabled persons may qualify for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) and possibly Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The key is to establish a disability and prove you have earned enough work credits to qualify for the benefits. SSDI payments will depend on your work history, while SSI does not have that same requirement. The two programs are different, and an understanding of each is essential when making an application for payment of benefits. Because the focus here is on having a disability that prevents you from working, a look at how that determination is made follows.

Unfortunately just because your doctor says you are disabled, that does not automatically qualify you for disability benefits. There are several factors to take into consideration, including

  • What activities you are able to perform.
  • Whether employment opportunities exist that allow you to perform the tasks and duties you are able to perform.
  • Your age, educational background, and skills will also be evaluated.

Of course what your physician has to say about your condition does come into play, and the more your doctor knows about how the Social Security Administration looks at disabilities, the better. The best evidence you can gather from your doctor is a detailed report of your condition, your diagnosis, and your future medical needs. A narrative from the physician should be detailed enough to leave no question but that you are unable to become gainfully employed. Most doctors are unaware of what it takes to have a disability claim granted, but a knowledgeable attorney can give you the information you need so you can pass it along to your healthcare provider. If your claim is denied for lack of medical proof of disability, your case is not over. There are steps you can take after a denial is made to have your claim looked at again, and we can help get your paperwork in order. We have experience presenting initial claims and appealing claim denials. Our goal is to get you the disability benefits you deserve, and that you need in order to care for yourself and for your family. No one can go without an income and when you are disabled you have certain rights that we will help you exercise.

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