Is There More Bias Against Mental Disabilities When It Comes to SSDI?.

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Bias against individuals with disabilities is a real and pervasive prejudice. Sadly, it is also a longstanding one in our society.  Disability bias affects the disabled not only in terms of access to public places, but within the medical community as well. It is responsible for misunderstandings, miscommunications and even medical errors as well as disparities in health care for disabled patients.

For those with “invisible” diseases, especially mental illness, the effects of disability bias can be significant.

Disability Bias and Mental Conditions.

Individuals with mental illness are considered the most disadvantaged in terms of accessing equitable health care. Medical provider bias and failing to communicate with disabled patients in a way that is effective for the patient are thought to be likely factors adding to this problem.

Because mental conditions are less outwardly visible than physical impairments, some disability examiners may be more cautious about approving SSDI applications.  Also, very often the illness itself makes it difficult for applicants to obtain proper medical treatment or to stick to a treatment plan. In addition to the fact that mental illness does not lend itself to objective medical evidence the way an MRI or x-ray does, proving these conditions can be difficult.

But difficult does not mean impossible. While proving mental conditions for purposes of disability benefits and overcoming the disability bias may be challenging, it is not impossible. Many applicants for SSDI are able to prove their cases, especially with the assistance of experienced disability counsel.


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