A Look at Disability Bias

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Life is difficult enough when you or someone you love is struggling with a disability. If you have the misfortune to experience disability bias in your pursuit of disability benefits, things can be far worse.

What is Disability Bias?

People tend to be very judgmental. Prejudice against people with disabilities is a belief that people with physical or mental impairments are somehow inferior or “undeserving.”

Although it is not known why, there appears to be a strong cultural bias against those who need any government benefits —especially by people who have absolutely no idea of the difficulty and struggles that many who receive disability insurance benefits face every day.

While the disabled have come a long way, people with disabilities still face significant physical and social barriers to full participation in society. Lack of access to public transport and other basic services is still a common experience. In addition, studies have shown that the disabled are discriminated against when it comes to employment opportunities. Hate crimes against people with disabilities are not unknown, and even Administrative Law Judges who are supposed to be impartial when reviewing disability claims can be biased against applicants.

The cost of unfair and biased attitudes is additional turmoil for honest disability applicants and for those with small children to take care of, the cost can be one of endangering housing, health care, and more risk for families that are already at-risk.

While the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) has made efforts to address disability bias, changing belief systems is tremendously difficult.

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