What is an “On The Record” Review?

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It is no secret that if you are denied Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (“SSDI” or “disability benefits”) it can take months or even a year or more to get a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”). Because disability benefits are very often so desperately needed by the people who are applying for them, everyone is generally looking for some way to shorten the hearing process. In most cases, that is impossible to do.

But there are certain times when something can be done to get a quicker decision on your claim.

That “something” is called an “on the record” review.

On the Record Review.

One way both you and the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) can save time and get a disability decision quicker is to have an “on the record” review. Short for “on the medical records”, an on the record review means that the ALJ or a qualified attorney will make a decision on your claim based on the information in the file—without holding a live hearing.

While the SSA can itself request that your case be decided by an on the record review, your counsel can also ask that your case be decided “on the record.”

When experienced counsel asks to have an on the record review, he will make sure that the file has all necessary medical evidence to support your case, and will submit a brief to the hearing officer that supports granting you benefits and addresses any issues that may exist as to your onset date.

You Cannot Be Denied Benefits.

In addition to shortening the time it takes to get a decision, another benefit to having an on the record review is that you cannot be denied benefits.

The ALJ or qualified attorney reviewing your written record must either issue a fully favorable decision (i.e., grant you benefits) or your case will proceed to hearing.

Not All Cases May Be Appropriate for On The Record Review.

In order to have a successful outcome from an on the record review, you must have enough medical evidence in your file to prove that you are disabled without the need for further information.

Generally, disability claims that are straightforward and are documented with good qualify medical evidence in a format the SSA can use, have the best chance of receiving an on the record decision.

To find out whether your case would qualify, consult with experienced social security disability counsel.

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