3 Resources To Help Guide You Through The Disability Benefits Process.

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If you have looked into what it takes to get Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (“SSDI” or “disability benefits”) even just a little bit, you will see that it can be pretty complex, time-consuming, and complicated.

In today’s post we want to give you 3 resources that can help guide you through this confusing process.

Helpful Resources.

  1. The Social Security Administration.

Why not go straight to the source? One of the most helpful resources you can use is the SSA’s website.

Here you will find everything from PDF booklets that explain what you need to submit to the SSA to prove your disability, to the Blue Book listings of disabling conditions.

The site offers forms that you will need and even has screening tools to help you determine whether or not you may qualify for benefits.

  1. Patient Advocacy Groups.

Look for websites of Patient Advocacy Groups, like the National MS Society or the National Psoriasis Foundation.

These mostly not-for-profit groups offer a lot of information about the particular disease they are centered around (for example, multiple sclerosis) and provide general guidance on how to apply for disability benefits.

  1. Experienced Social Security Disability Counsel.

While other resources can be helpful, keep in mind that for the best outcome of your disability claim, you need someone who not only understands the disability process, rules and law, but is familiar with the SSA’s “Blue Book” and grid rules and has a basic knowledge of medical conditions and terminology plus limitations (for example, the inability to crouch, stoop, maintain balance, concentrate, remember, etc.) and can clearly and persuasively present that information to the SSA at every step in the process.

That’s a lot to know and there’s a lot to do. And to do right.

Experienced counsel can assist you in obtaining SSDI benefits. Individuals who are represented by experienced social security disability counsel statistically have a higher chance of being granted disability benefits.

In addition, experienced social security disability counsel can be invaluable in answering your questions and assisting you to find other programs or resources that might help you (like food stamps, etc.).

Zealous Advocates.   

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