Protect Yourself from Social Security Disability Scams.

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In today’s day and age, it seems like you have to protect yourself at every turn. Scams seem to be everywhere and cover just about every conceivable subject.

Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (“SSDI” or “disability benefits”) is no exception.

Watch Out For and Protect Yourself Against SSDI Scams.

As recently as August 27, 2018, the Florida Office of the Inspector General issued a warning about scammers calling Social Security recipients claiming to be calling from the Social Security Administration (“SSA”).

In Florida, the scheme involved scammers making automatic calls (“robo calls”) to disability recipients, claiming to be from SSA headquarters and claiming that there was an important message about your Social Security account or that your Social Security number (SSN) “has been suspended for suspicion of illegal activity.” The scammer then tells the individual their account may have been compromised and that their benefits will be frozen if they fail to call a specific phone number right away to solve the problem.

If you call back (DON’T!!) they try to get your Social Security Number and bank account information.

Other telephone scams throughout the country have been similar. A scammer will leave a “robo” message saying that he or she is “Nancy Jones,” an “officer with the Inspector General of Social Security.” The recording goes on to say that the person’s Social Security account, SSN, and/or benefits are suspended, and that he or she should call [some phone number] right away “to resolve the issue.”

Don’t fall for it and don’t call the number.

Government agencies like the SSA usually communicate through the U.S. mail and not by phone; and they never request private information over the phone. Even though OIG investigators may at times call people on the phone to ask questions, they never ask for personal information like your Social Security Number or bank account information.

If you receive a call like this and you are unsure whether there is a problem or not, hang up and call the official number that you have for the SSA – not the one the message gives you.

Watching Out For You.

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