Why You Should Get a Medical Source Statement from Your Doctor.

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You may realize that your medical evidence is critical to your chances of winning your claim for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (“SSDI” or “disability benefits”).

But not all medical evidence is “created equal” as they say when it comes to convincing the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) that you are “disabled.”

One document that can positively influence your case is a “Medical Source Statement” as the SSA calls it. This document is also known as a “Statement of Limitations,” a “Medical Opinion,” or “Statement of Permanent Restrictions.” (For this post, we’ll go with the SSA’s terms and will refer to it as a “Medical Source Statement.”)

What is a Medical Source Statement?

A medical source statement is a written statement from your treating doctor that gives his/her medically-informed opinion about what you can or cannot do.

Social Security has a form for this. If you submit it to the SSA, they will use the Medical Source Statement to decide whether or not you are “disabled.”

But they won’t have it unless you get it from your doctor. The SSA does not send out these forms to your doctor for you. You need to get the form and bring it to your doctor to have him/her fill it out, then you need to send it to the SSA.

Why You Should Get One.

While this does involve a little bit of work on your part, it is more than worth it. A good medical source statement can be a powerful tool that helps you to win your case.

The SSA accords considerable weight to a treating physician’s opinion when making its decision as to whether or not a person is disabled. When they have before them your treating doctor’s opinion of how your condition(s) interfere with your ability to work full time or on a consistent basis and how your condition(s) prevents you from engaging in normal daily activities, this is meaningful evidence that you are disabled.

The medical source statement can provide a true and complete picture of your disability and why you need benefits.

Consult with Experienced Counsel.

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