Is it Possible for Your Family Members to Qualify for Disability Benefits?

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If you are receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI” or “disability benefits”) it is possible that your family members could receive benefits too.

Many people do not realize that in certain circumstances, family members can receive SSDI benefits.

These benefits are referred to as…

Auxiliary Benefits.

Let’s get one confusing point about auxiliary benefits straight right away.

For your family members to receive auxiliary benefits, you must be receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (SSDI) —NOT Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”).

Only the Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (SSDI) program has auxiliary benefits.

Who Can Qualify for Auxiliary Benefits?

There are strict rules and regulations when it comes to who can qualify for auxiliary benefits.

Your Spouse.

For the spouse of someone receiving disability benefits to qualify for auxiliary benefits, the spouse must be either:

  1. 62 or older, or
  2. Have a child in his/her care who is either:
    1. Under the age of 16, or


For a child to qualify for auxiliary benefits, the child must be:

  1. Dependent on the person receiving SSDI,
  2. Unmarried, and either,
  3. A minor under the age of 18, or
  4. An adult disabled before the age of 22, or
  5. A full-time elementary or secondary school student under the age of 19.

How much your family members will receive in SSDI auxiliary benefits depends on your monthly SSDI benefit amount or on how much you paid into the Social Security system when you were employed.

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