Expedited Claims: the Compassionate Allowance Program.

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While the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) is not known for moving quickly on  claims for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits s (“SSDI” or “disability benefits”) it does have several programs that expedite claims processing.

Compassionate Allowance.

The SSA’s Compassionate Allowances program enables the SSA to quickly provide disability benefits to applicants who have conditions that meet the SSA’s listing (“Blue Book) requirements. Since those with a listed impairment are automatically found to be disabled, it makes sense for the SSA to process these applications as quickly as possible.

Many cancers fall into the compassionate allowance program. Generally, the prognosis for those with a compassionate allowance condition is poor.  For some conditions, a diagnosis alone (with supporting medical records) will be sufficient to get them into the compassionate allowance program. For other conditions, the applicant must meet the “severity” requirements of the listed condition.

Because people with conditions that meet a listed impairment have such serious conditions, the SSA processes these applications as fast as possible.

Quick Disability Determination

Another process the SSA uses is called the “Quick Disability Determination.” Using a sophisticated predictive computer modeling program, the SSA analyzes electronic applications for specific factors that indicate that the applicant will be found to be disabled. When these factors are found, the application is sent to a Quick Disability Determination group for review.

Terminal Illness Program.

The Terminal Illness Program (or “TERI”), is a program that the SSA uses to expedite claims made by those with a terminal illness. When a field office representative or a claims examiner at the DDS (Disability Determination Services) obtains information that a claimant’s illness is likely to result in death, he/she can send a claim into the TERI program.

Most of the conditions that qualify for TERI expedited treatment are cancers. However any terminal illness can qualify for TERI expedited processing.

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