Things to Know Before Coming to Your Intake at Parmele Law Firm

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Disability attorney at Parmele Law Firm

Intake Need-to-Knows from Parmele Law Firm

By Felicia Von Holten Mitchell

Attorney, PLF

The first step in obtaining a disability attorney through our office is to contact Parmele Law Firm and go through our intake process. What do I need to bring? How is this process handled? How long is it going to take? Those are questions that I hear from prospective clients quite often. This will hopefully answer most of those questions. So you have contacted our office and set up an appointment for an intake, this is great!  The next step is attending the intake appointment.

What Do I Need to Bring to the Intake at Parmele Law Firm?

This is one of the main questions that I receive when talking to prospective clients. What our office normally has you bring is a photo ID and your Social Security card, if you have it. If you do not have your social security card, don’t worry. We also need some paperwork. The paperwork Parmele Law Firm needs includes any documents or letters that you have received from the Social Security Administration, even if you have been denied or are still waiting on a decision. The paperwork is very important in knowing timeframes and what step you are at in the process. If you lost the paperwork, don’t worry about that either. We can check on some things for you, but it makes it easier if you do have the paperwork.

The other big thing Parmele Law Firm needs from you is information. The type of information we need includes a current list of medications, even if they are over-the-counter medications. We also need to know why you are taking the medication and who the prescribing doctor is. An easy way to do this is to print a list from your pharmacy. The other information we need from you is a list of current medical providers. We also ask for the dates that you have seen the providers, whether it is in the past or in the future. It is very beneficial if we also can get the address and phone number of the facility as well. Now, medical providers not only include going to the doctor’s office but can also be physical therapy, counseling, urgent cares, etc. The third type of information that we ask you to provide is your work history. It helps to know what type of work you did at that job as well.  

How Long is the Intake Going to Last at Parmele Law Firm?  

The intake should last about one hour to get all the paperwork ready for the Social Security Administration. Parmele Law Firm goes through filing a disability application with you, so that does take some time. We also want to do a complete interview of you so we can help represent you better. Now before you leave the office, you should meet with an attorney as well. After you meet with a disability attorney, you will know whether or not we have agreed to represent you. Most of the time you do meet with an attorney in person, but sometimes you meet with the attorney over the phone or via Skype. Either way, you do speak with an attorney after an intake interview. Now, occasionally the attorneys in the office are unavailable to speak with you that day, but we do have an attorney contact you shortly after your intake to complete the process. Please consider contacting Parmele Law Firm for your Social Security disability needs.