Can I apply for Social Security Disability Without Health Insurance?

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Doctor helping a Social Security disability applicant

Social Security Disability: Getting Medical Treatment without Health

By Felicia Von Holten Mitchell

Attorney, PLF

To support a favorable ruling for a Social Security disability claim, there has to be medical evidence establishing disabling impairments. Without that medical evidence it is difficult to be successful. The Social Security Administration looks for consistent and frequent medical treatment.  One of the biggest barriers that clients face is affording medical treatment.

Medical Treatment and Your Social Security Disability Application

Because medical evidence is so important to Social Security disability cases, I first recommend that people sign up for Medicaid. Medicaid has a program for people with disabilities. People do not have to be found disabled by the Social Security Administration to be found eligible for Medicaid.  Parmele Law Firm can provide you with a Medicaid application when you come in for a consultation. You can also find the Medicaid application online or at your local DFS office.

Medicaid is a great resource for people who need health treatment for their disabilities.   Medicaid can help you get the medical treatment that you need to receive your Social Security disability benefits, but sometimes people get turned down for the Medicaid program. We always recommend appealing that decision. There might also be some other resources in your area that help with appealing Medicaid determinations.

If you are seeking medical treatment, I also recommend checking out local resources in your area. Parmele Law Firm offices can provide a list of medical resources in your area that provide medical treatment for individuals with low income and no health insurance. That way there is at least some sort of medical evidence that you can use to support your Social Security disability claim. For example, in the Springfield, Missouri area, the MSU Care Clinic is a great resource for individuals needing health treatment.

The third recommendation I have for individuals is the Missouri Drug Care program. This program can assist individuals with prescription medications. The Parmele Law Firm office can also provide you with more information on this program as well.

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