When to Contact a Disability Attorney

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How do you know when you should contact a social security disability attorney? Parmele Law Firm has helped more than 50,000 individuals obtain disability benefits and our expertise in disability law speaks for itself. We have the necessary experience to advise you on the appropriate time to consult with an attorney, no matter your situation.

Applying for Social Security Disability

In the United States alone, an estimated 53 million adults are living with a disability, according to a study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Many of those people may not even realize they qualify for social security disability benefits.

If you have recently become disabled, your physical or medical condition has rendered you unable to work, and your condition is expected to last at least one year or longer, you may qualify for social security disability.

SSI or Supplemental Security Income is designed to help those who are disabled and have little or no form of income. SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance is designed to help adults who have paid into social security and have become disabled, and will be for at least one year. Dependents of individuals who qualify for SSDI may qualify for benefits as well.

Due to the strict regulations and definition of “disabled”, applying for social security disability is a tough and arduous process. As a result, a staggering two-thirds of initial applications are denied. Obtaining disability benefits can be very difficult for many individuals, even if they are qualified.

When to Involve a Disability Attorney

Involving a disability lawyer is a great idea at any point during the application process. If your initial application was denied, it’s time to seek the help of a disability attorney. Additionally, if you are already in the reconsideration phase or appeals phase of your application process, a disability attorney is the best resource you could have to help obtain the disability benefits you need.

No one is required to hire a long-term disability lawyer to assist them with their disability case, but it is highly recommended. Doing so largely improves the likelihood of your application’s approval.

At Parmele Law, our lawyers for disability work on a contingency-fee basis, so financial status should not impact your decision in regards to when you hire a disability attorney. You will not be required to pay anything up front and you will only pay if we win your case.

Contact a Long-Term Disability Attorney at Parmele Law Firm

If you’re ready to involve a disability attorney in your case, contact one of our Parmele Law Firm offices today. We are waiting and ready to assist you in obtaining social security disability benefits.