What Does a Social Security Disability Attorney Do?

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Although it is not required that a disabled individual hires a social security disability attorney to apply for or receive disability benefits, it is extremely unwise not to have one – especially if your case has already progressed to the point of a federal disability hearing.

So naturally, the next question is: what does a social security disability attorney do and how does it benefit you?

Basic Function of a Social Security Disability Attorney

A social security disability attorney wears many hats, but their most basic function is to serve as a middleman between you and the social security administration. This strategy is of the utmost importance to you because it actually protects your best interest by preventing you from communicating directly with the social security administration.

Equally as important, relying on attorneys for social security disability assistance means you’ll be able to shed all that additional stress that comes with facilitating communications with the SSA. Instead, your attorney will take the lead to push your disability case through the system with minimal effort required from you.

Additional Responsibilities of a Social Security Disability Attorney


  • Collect and documenting important information. Your social security disability attorney will make efforts to collect important medical records and statements from qualified individuals, such as doctors. This documentation will bolster your case.
  • Help clients apply for social security disability. Lawyers for social security disability will also help clients navigate the online application process. In certain instances, clients may be required to apply in person at the Social Security Administration office, but more often than not, it can be done online. This saves you a trip to the SSA office and also ensures that your application is completed correctly and submitted without any technical errors.
  • Appeal application denials. If you feel you have been unfairly denied social security disability benefits, your social security disability attorney will help you appeal the denial. Unfortunately, many first-time applicants are initially denied so having an SS attorney or SSI/SSDI attorney on your side can improve your chances of being approved.
  • Advocate for you in court. Your attorney for social security disability will speak on your behalf during disability hearings, isolating and emphasizing the most convincing aspects of your case.
  • Assist those who feel they are not receiving enough compensation. If you’ve already been approved for social security disability, but you feel the compensation is not adequate, a social security disability attorney can help you request additional financial aid.


Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney at Parmele Law Firm

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