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According to the Social Security Administration, Supplemental Security Income or SSI is a financial program which “makes monthly payments to people who have low income and few resources, and who are age 65 or older, blind, and/or disabled.”

SSI Regulations

When applying for SSI, there are many regulations to take into consideration.  A few of these rules include:

  • Income: Typically, your income consists of money, food and shelter as well as any income you may receive from a spouse.
  • Work: If you apply for or are receiving SSI, you are allowed to work but there is a limit to how much money you can make per month. For example, you may not be eligible for benefits if you make over $1,500 per month. The income limit is dependent on the state you live in. Be sure to discuss these regulations with an SSI attorney to help determine your eligibility.
  • Resources: This category includes things that you own such as a home or stocks and bonds. An SSI attorney can assist you with figuring out which items in your possession count as a resource and which ones do not.
  • Residency: To be eligible for SSI, you must live in the United States and be a citizen. If you are seeking SSI benefits and living in the United States, but you are not a citizen, please contact our SSI attorney. There may still be options for you.
  • Prior Criminal Record: Normally, your criminal record will not affect your eligibility. However, you will not qualify for SSI if you have any current felony warrants for specific crimes or if you have a parole or probation violation. If these offenses apply to you, please consult with an SSI attorney to confirm your eligibility.

Legal Aspects of SSI

  • Application: The application process for SSI can be very long and daunting. You do have the option to apply for SSI on your own through the Social Security Administration website. However, it is wise to apply with an SSI attorney to increase your chances of filling out the information accurately and completely as well as being approved for benefits.
  • Appeal: If your SSI application does not get approved or you are unhappy with the decision made, you have the right to appeal your claim. It is suggested to get help from a knowledgeable SSI attorney to assist you with the appeal process.
  • Benefit Amount: The amount that you receive from SSI is dependent on your income and the state in which you reside. However, according to the Social Security Administration, the maximum amount you can receive as a single person would be $733 per month, and if you are married, the maximum amount you can receive is $1,100 combined.

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