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The Social Security Act

When it comes to individuals with medical impairments or illnesses, the Social Security Act is one of the most important acts in United States history. Parmele Law is a social security disability law firm that understands the importance of the Social Security Act and implements the regulations and laws that go along with the act on a daily basis.

The Social Security Act encompasses laws that protect individuals with a disability or medical impairment from the financial burden of these illnesses. It aids in providing disabled individuals and their families with a secure and healthy life.

Social Security Disability Law Practice

A significant portion of disability law is implementing the proper programs set by the Social Security Act, as well as the corresponding rules and laws for individuals. A few of these components include:

  • Defining Disability
  • SSI/SSDI Application Process
  • Retirement Insurance
  • Public assistance
  • Welfare services

At Parmele Law, our disability law firm places a high focus on SSD/SSDI and SSI applications. Although this is our main focus, we can help you with many other aspects of Social Security disability law.

Every Case is Unique

At our disability law firm, we understand that every disability and person is different, and since every disability and person is different, every case is different. We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. We handle each case to suit the individual and address his or her specific needs.

What Makes Parmele Law Different?

At our disability law firm, we have several knowledgeable SSI and SSD attorneys that have acquired decades of experience in disability law. We have 19 locations throughout Kansas, Missouri and Illinois that allow us to help as many people as possible in our surrounding area.

We have successfully helped thousands of individuals just like you obtain SSI or SSD/SSDI. Our lawyers are compassionate, caring and dedicated to helping you win your case. Our disability law firm will aggressively fight for you, your family and your disability claim as well as keep you informed every step of the way.

View testimonials on our “Clients Comments” page to learn more about how we have helped others like you.

Contact an Experienced Disability Law Firm

If you are applying for SSI, SSD/SSDI or you have other concerns about disability law, contact Parmele Law Firm today. We can be reached by phone at 1-855-PARMELE or you can stop by one of our several locations.