Benefits of Social Security Disability Advocates

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If you’ve done any research on social security disability, you’ve no doubt come across the term “disability advocates”. Understanding what a disability advocate is, as well as his or her key responsibilities, is vital to obtaining social security disability benefits.

What Is a Social Security Disability Advocate?

Social security disability advocates come in many different forms. A disability advocate can be a lawyer, such as those found at Parmele Law Firm, or an advocate can also be a non-legal representative. Non-legal disability advocates are often individuals who have previously worked for the social security administration or even as a judge in a federal court of law.

Whether social security disability advocates are legal professionals or not, these individuals are specifically trained to assist qualified disabled individuals apply for and obtain social security disability benefits.

Why Are Social Security Disability Advocates Beneficial?

More than two-thirds of initial disability claims are denied, leaving many qualified disabled individuals without access to the federal financial assistance they need. Social security disability advocates play an important role in securing disability benefits for those who need them most.

As a disabled person, the surviving spouse of an individual that is entitled to social security, or a retiree, you are not required to enlist the help of a disability advocate, but you are certainly entitled to one. With an advocate, you will have assistance requesting the reconsideration of your social security disability application if it is initially denied. Your disability advocate will also handle all communications with the social security administration and speak on your behalf at your disability hearing if your case progresses to that point.

Some individuals may be swayed away from hiring a disability advocate due to fears of high service costs, but it’s important to note that social security disability advocates will never take more than 25 percent of your winnings if you obtain disability benefits. Additionally, at Parmele Law Firm, all of our social security disability attorneys work on a contingency-fee basis. This means that you will not owe anything upfront and you will only pay us if we win your case. Your total payment will be based on the amount of your final winnings.

The impact of disability advocates is undeniable and your chances of obtaining benefits increase dramatically with the help of an advocate. Continue browsing our website for more information about social security disability advocates and answers to frequently asked questions, or contact one of our Parmele Law Firm locations today to schedule your free consultation.