Social Security Disability Benefits for Alzheimer’s Disease

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Alzheimer’s Disease (ALZ) is a devastating degenerative condition affecting more and more people, especially in later stages of life. This disease attacks several sections of the nervous system with the brain taking the brunt of these attacks. Two of the most prominent signs of ALZ are: when a person gradually loses the ability to recognize people in their life and when they exhibit severe neuro-muscular decline.

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Even people who have not reached the retirement age of 65 can be found to have the early stages of ALZ. This fact spurred ALZ support groups and sufferers to convince the Social Security Administration (SSA) to include early-onset ALZ under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Program’s Compassionate Allowance coverage. Signs of ALZ in younger people may even escape detection during pre-employment medical checkups only to manifest heavily later on. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with early-onset ALZ but have encountered difficulties claiming benefits, a Social Security Disability lawyer from St. Louis like one of the professionals at Parmele Law can be of assistance to you.

The first necessary step is filing an application with the local SSA office and submitting the required supporting documentation. If a relative is filing the SSDI request on an applicant’s behalf, the proxy should detail how the person’s dementia has affected their daily activities. Any instances of loss in physical control should be noted. A Liberty MO Social Security Disability attorney like those at the Parmele Law Firm can assist you in drafting the paperwork.

SSD eligibility for Alzheimer’s sufferers is possible if the applicant has enough evidence to prove their difficulties. These include mood swings, memory loss and place-time disorientation. At least one of them must have affected the patient’s ability to interact with people, made it difficult to handle daily tasks or lead to decompensation episodes.

As early-onset ALZ is now covered under Compassionate Allowance conditions, the SSA can fast-track the application to ensure prompt release of funding for treatment. Remember, dealing with this progressively degenerative disease is a race against time. This is why it is so important to secure a St. Louis disability law firm like Parmele Law to help speed your approval and get you the funds you need to seek appropriate and timely treatment.

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