Questions to Ask about Filing for Disability Benefits

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Disability is a very unfortunate circumstance that could befall almost anyone. Thankfully, state and federal laws like those in the state of Missouri, have seen to it that anyone who becomes disabled as a result of work or other legally accepted situations can receive compensation from the government. If you want to receive what you rightfully deserve, hire a reputable disability law firm in Kansas City MO to help you file for it. Here are some common questions about filing for disability.

Is it better to file with a law firm?

Although the application process can be done directly, you will eventually need the help of reliable lawyers to iron out the legal matters in your claim. A disability law firm will help you in case of a court hearing; and if you’re denied, with a subsequent appeal.

How is disability benefit decided upon in Kansas?

In Kansas City, medical eligibility for Social Security disability benefits is determined by the DDS or Disability Determination Services. The Social Security office first performs a preliminary assessment based on your qualifications. The DDS then uses certain decision-making models to evaluate your medical records.

How are the approval rates in Kansas?


Kansas City has a much better disability claim approval rate than most other states, or even the national arena, in general. If your claim is denied, however, appeals can take a bit longer. Fortunately, you can always depend on experienced Kansas law firms like Parmele Law Firm to get you through the appeals process.

Can I eventually get back to work?

If your doctor advices you to return to work, then you can. Most disabled people who receive the benefits but still want to work can avail of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) services available in Kansas City. You can ask your disability lawyer about rehab sessions you can attend.

Through the help of a reliable disability law firm in Kansas City MO, you can be assured to receive the compensation you deserve as soon as possible. An important tip to follow is to continue seeing your doctor while your documents are being processed. Don’t let the pain (physical or otherwise) of your disability prevent you from getting what you legally deserve.

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