Social Security Disability Eligibility Rules

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Picture yourself as a successful professional. You have made it to the top of your game and are setting up for a good retirement. Everything seems fine – until the house of cards comes crashing down on you.

An accident resulting in a life-threatening injury or permanent incapacitation is one of many things that can alter the course of your life. In many cases, this can cut off your chances at gainful employment even when you are still in your prime. To sustain yourself, you’ll have to apply for disability (SSD) benefits with the Social Security Administration. Since this is no easy task, you can count on a social security disability law firm in Springfield MO to help you.


You need to prove that you are incapable of doing substantial gainful activity (SGA) to qualify for SSD benefits. SGA is defined as any productive activity that helps non-blind disabled applicants earn more than $1,170 a month and blind disabled applicants more than $1,950. This amount does not include income from other sources such as gifts or investments. Technical denials are often issued if the applicant is proven to be capable of performing SGA, without considering the medical evidence.
As for the medical aspect of the application, you will have to show hard evidence of your woes as verified by a medical professional. These will include xrays, relevant sections of your medical records, and even assessments by a credible psychiatric or psychological practitioner. The Disability Determination Services (DDS) will assign an examiner to study all of the medical files and test the applicant’s condition for further corroboration.


A Springfield MO social security disability law firm such as Parmele can provide invaluable service by guiding you through the entire application process. In fact, experts state that a lack of legal assistance usually lowers the odds of approval. However, the application should be filed within five years after the time you stop working to increase your chances of landing the benefits.
It’s crucial to have access to SSD benefits if you find yourself suddenly blindsided by a life-altering disability. A credible lawyer skilled in SSD-related issues will work to get you such compensation.

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