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By Nikki D. Evans, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C.   One of the most intimidating experiences can be testifying at your social security disability hearing. Even though we have waited a long time for the day and we are prepared with your medical evidence, statements from your doctors, employers, or family members, and we have […]

By Kathleen Overton, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C. Mental health impairments can be difficult to prove. Unlike some physical impairments, the judge isn’t able to see a mental disability. There is no x-ray or MRI that can show how severe the disability has become. Rather, judges and lawyers rely heavily on the treatment notes from […]

By James Pavisian, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C. The social security disability adjudication process is lengthy. In Topeka, it typically takes two years from filing an application before a hearing with an administrative law judge. There is no guarantee that an individual will win their claim at hearing. In fact, statistically speaking, the chances are […]

By Brooke Qualls, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C. Any experienced disability attorney will know there are several important dates in any claim for disability through the Social Security Administration, each one carrying its own significance for a claim throughout the process. Filing Date: This one may seem obvious but if benefits are awarded it certainly […]

By Aujsha Willoughby, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C. Any social security disability claim will introduce plenty of complex questions, and Parmele Law Firm can help you find the answers. An individual’s “date last insured”, which is also known as DLI, will establish the period of time in which a person has to prove that they […]

By Ashley Baine, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C. Classic hemophilia, also called factor VIII deficiency, is an inherited disorder that is caused by a missing or defective factor VIII, which is a clotting protein. There are around twenty thousand people in the United States with hemophilia, and many do not know they can qualify for […]

By Andrew DeLaMare, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C. The decision to file for Social Security disability benefits is never an easy one as the process can be long, complicated, frustrating and emotional as you wait for an answer as to whether you will be found disabled or not. When someone decides to file for disability […]

By Nikki D. Evans, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C. As Social Security disability attorneys, the Parmele Law Firm team understands that there can be a lot of different situations that arise when a claim is working its way toward a decision. No doubt when you initially applied for disability, you were asked to identify the […]

By Kathleen Overton, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C. Evidence—medical and otherwise—is crucial in a social security disability claim. However, the Social Security Administration, although less formal than a typical court proceeding, does have some rules and regulations regarding the submission of evidence. Generally, there are two periods of time when evidence can, and should, be […]

By Ashley Baine, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C. A benign brain tumor is noncancerous and tends to grow slower than a cancerous tumor. They can still cause medical symptoms that are disabling, though. A benign brain tumor is a medical impairment that given the right evidence can be a disabling condition under Social Security regulations. […]